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Principal-Danny Arellano

Welcome Parents


Dear Parents and Guardians:

First and foremost, welcome to a new and exciting school year!  We look forward to serving you and your student(s).  

Thomas Jefferson Middle School (TJMS) was established back in 1939.  And some 80 years later, we are still committed to providing “Academic Excellence for All Students”.  We are “Committed to Excellence” in academics, athletics, arts, and all activities.  

Throughout the years, TJMS has passed on traditions such as cougar pride, science fair, history day, showcase portfolio day, talent show, and most recently the cougar way which can be summed up in three letters; P-A-W!

P - Perseverance (i.e., Cougars never give up! They work through adversity only to inspire others to do the same.)

A - Attitude (i.e., Cougars do their very best...They believe in themselves and in each other.)

W - Wise Choices (i.e., Cougars do the right thing especially when no one is watching...and when they err, they make up for it.)

With regards to tradition, TJMS is continuing with the “Cougar of the Month” Award to recognize students who live by the Cougar PAW.   At the end of the year, the staff will select some of these students for the “Cougar of the Year” Award. 

As you may know, we have made several improvements to our campus from painting to installing new technology in each classroom.  In addition, we’ve started the work with regards to installing large shade structures as well as 8-foot fencing around our school campus to provide a safe learning environment.

We are also very proud to announce that TJMS provides every student every day with Intervention WINN (What I Need Now) Time.  For 7th & 8th WINN time will happen daily during 4th period where they will receive interventions to move them up to grade level or above grade level.  (For 6th, our WINN Time will vary but will be provided daily).  

What does WINN look like? It consists of mentoring & monitoring academic progress, academic learning through reading & math software, social/emotional learning through Second Step software, and study/organizational skills through MyAVID resources. 

Here at TJMS, we provide students the very best educational opportunities.  However, we need your help and support. Please encourage your student to be the very best and respect the Cougar PAW by making “best” choices, surrounding themselves with positive caring adults and students.  

Be advised that all students are provided a binder and agenda to organIze and keep track of all their assignments.  Please ensure your student is utilizing these materials daily.  Let's work together to be the best in everything; in academics, athletics, arts, activities, and even attendance.  Please send your student to school everyday...prepared and ready to learn.  


With warm regards,


Mr. Danny Arellano,

TJMS Principal