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Vice Principal-Patrick Acosta


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  Both Zack and I are honored to serve you as assistant principals and look forward to working with you all in an effort to do whatever it takes to advance the achievement of all students on our campus.  The mission here at Thomas Jefferson is to create students that are well-rounded, capable, and interested in meeting the high-stake demands of a global society. Students will strive to develop a strong ethic which will require them to build collaborative and productive teams that are instilled with the appreciation and interest of lifelong learning.  Our students will be ready and able to meet a varying and complex skill-set while remaining culturally aware and sensitive to equitable solutions to real-life problems faced by industry and our global community.


The middle school years are important (even critical) times for students.  What happens during these years will have a lasting impression on their growth and development.  Our goal as assistant principals within Thomas Jefferson is to provide the scaffolding that will facilitate a school environment that is both safe and respectable, in order for your children to receive the best possible academic education.  I am confident that our school will continue to be a place where our students can learn and grow both academically and socially.


Please feel free to stop by and say hello as it will be our goal over this next year to know each and every one of you.  If there is anything that we can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to come on by. Our doors are always open.


Best regards,

Patrick Acosta