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Thomas Jefferson school is determined to make an impact on our student lives. We have several programs at school to help parents, students, and the community to improve our selves.

Parent Education Night

Want to know what your child is doing on the Internet? How to use effective discipline at home? Do you want to know what services are available in the community to help meet your family needs? These classes and many more are offered during Parent Education night at TJMS. Watch for flyers being sent home to learn when these classes are offered. 

School Counselor

Is your child having a difficult time with a teacher or another student at school?

Do you want to get involved and find out how to deal with a learning issue, or set up some schedule of meetings to resolve some special needs of your child?

TJMS has a school counselor to help meet those needs. Call for an appointment 661-758-7140.

Elective Classes

Band, Choir, Computer Skills,  and Entrepreneurship

Intervention Classes

English and Math intervention classes are provided for students that have fallen behind in those subjects. The classes are designed to bridge the gap between state standards and actual student performance.

ASES Program

This program helps students after school by providing a safe place to complete homework, get extra help, eat a snack, stay physically active and make new friends. It is free and open to all students and starts immediately after school and last until 6:00 PM. Contact the office personnel if you would like to sign up your student.

After School Sports

We provide competitive after-school sports program in Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, and Softball. The teams compete against other schools in nearby cities. A great way to learn team building and acquire fundamental skills.

After School Tutorial Program

TJMS students can go to after school classes to get extra help via direct instruction in subjects like Math, English, History, and Science. This program has teachers reviewing lessons, giving extra help to students in those lessons and providing the student extra help in any core academic area. The students can work on homework and participate in active lessons planned by teachers to help catch students up in the main classes that the students take each day.

The classes are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM each week.