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Cougars of the Month October

Cougars of the Month

By: Cassandra Sanchez (Outreach Liaison)


   While under unique circumstances and restrictions due to COVID, Thomas Jefferson Middle School staff is continuing with the monthly Cougar of the Month Award. The Cougar of the Month Award is designed to spotlight students who best “Respect the P.A.W.” (Perseverance, Attitude, Wise Choices) at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.  Through distance learning the following students have stood out in the month of October to their teachers for working hard, joining class sessions on time, and being active participants.


6th Grade Cougars of the Month

Joshgard Ruiz has been selected as Cougar of the Month for 6th grade. His teacher commented that he was selected for this month “because he is a very respectful, kind and responsible student.” Also adding that his self-drive is a reason for his success in her class she appreciates his help in making sure his peers are always on board with the assignments. Joshgard states he pushes through all the distractions around him and avoids noisy places in order to focus in class. His wise choice in placing class first has earned him to be recognized as Cougar of the Month.

Giselle Torres has been selected as Cougar of the Month for 6th grade. She was selected for a few reasons including arriving to class on time, always prepared, kind and for staying after meeting sessions to assist her classmates with homework. Giselle is glad to have earned this and is proud to know her teacher recognizes her hard work. She maintains a high gpa and sets good examples for those around her. Giselle represents positivity through her kindness and has earned the recognition of Cougar of the Month.


7th Grade Cougars of the Month

Braydon Ricks has been selected as Cougar of the Month for 7th grade. His teacher commented on his assistance throughout class in providing support for his peers while also finding solutions to technical problems that have come up. Braydon gives credit to God and his family stating they are the reason he is where he is today. Through distance learning the biggest lesson he has learned is patience. Braydon understands that some things are not worth getting angry about and instead is focusing on helping his siblings and taking each day at a time. His great attitude and wise choices have earned him the recognition of Cougar of the Month.

Leslie Pedroza has been selected as Cougar of the Month for 7th grade. She steps up during Zoom class sessions and helps her peers with questions they have. Leslie is very happy to receive this reward. Proud and excited she believes “this was an amazing opportunity to prove myself.” Maintaining a 4.0 gpa she works hard to improve and do her best every day while also pushing her classmates to excel. Her positive attitude is a great example of P.A.W. and Leslie very much has earned this recognition.


8th Grade Cougars of the Month

David Cortez has been selected as Cougar of the Month for 8th grade. His math teacher expressed how positive David always is in class and it radiates onto other students as well. When asked how he keeps himself focused at home during virtual learning his response was, “I have all of my electronics power off and my T.V unplugged so I don’t get distracted and I close my door so no sounds interfere with my learning.” This is a great demonstration of how being responsible and positive pays off. David displays characteristics of P.A.W. and has earned the award of Cougar of the Month.

Ada Abelin Aguirre Hernandez has been selected as Cougar of the Month for 8th grade. She’s very happy she could make her family proud and gives credit to her hard work as she improved in work ethic. Ada’s teacher has noticed her effort in adjusting to distance learning and commends her stating she is a “model student.” By persevering through her difficulties including her hardest subject, ELA, she has received a 4.0 for the 1st quarter. Work ethic, perseverance, and a positive attitude thus far has earned her the recognition of Cougar of the Month.