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Cougars of the Month January

Cougars of the Month

By: Cassandra Sanchez (Outreach Liaison)


   While under unique circumstances and restrictions due to COVID, Thomas Jefferson Middle School staff is continuing with the monthly Cougar of the Month Award. The Cougar of the Month Award is designed to spotlight students who best “Respect the P.A.W.” (Perseverance, Attitude, Wise Choices) at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.  Through distance learning the following students have stood out in the month of January to their teachers for working hard, joining class sessions on time, and being active participants.


6th Grade Cougars of the Month

Kourtney Lovato and Alexis Chaidez Ontiveros were selected as representatives of this award for the 6th grade. They have made their mark as model students in their first year at Thomas Jefferson Middle School and their efforts in the classroom speak loudly. Both students are carrying a 4.0 GPA through the 1st semester. They have struggled with certain classes, but they do what it takes to overcome the challenges and rise above. Kourtney and Alexis have proven through their Perseverance and Wise Choices in distance learning that they are deserving of the title “Cougar of the Month.”

7th Grade Cougars of the Month

Serenity Sanchez and Jacob Garza were recognized as our 7th grade Cougars of the Month. Both students have received Honor Roll for the 2nd quarter of school and excel in their classes by working hard. Jacob recognizes that the best thing for him while attending school virtually is to only have his school material in front of him during school hours. This has helped him stay on track and “to put up with the work even though it is hard.” Serenity stated distance learning was a lot harder than she expected it to be initially. Over time though, she has gotten the hang of the GoogleMeets and has overcome her struggles by following her agenda, taking notes, and seeking help when she’s needed it. Jacob and Serenity are both very proud of this accomplishment and know their hard work has helped them maintain their grades and do well. They’ve shown great Attitude and Perseverance, being well-deserving of earning this recognition as Cougars of the Month.

8th Grade Cougars of the Month

Ava Felicitas Melendrez and Steven Curbelo Mendez received the award for the 8th grade. Ava and Steven are both enrolled in all of our honors classes and received Honor Roll for the 1st and 2nd quarters. While Steven was unable to attend the virtual meeting, we are still proud of all his work. Ava stated that while distance learning has been hard she has learned to better appreciate school and life in general. She misses her friends the most and looks forward to the day we can all reunite back on campus. Ava has maintained A’s all across the board, putting her at a 4.8 GPA with her Honors classes. Ava and Steven are both demonstrating all aspects of the P.A.W. and have earned the recognition to be named Cougars of the Month.